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    Welcome to the Dallas Paleontological Society

     The Dallas Paleo Society monthly meeting is Wednesday, May 13 at 7:30pm at Brookhaven College, Brookhaven College Geotechnology Institute building, room 126 on the Brookhaven Campus.

    The speaker for the June DPS meeting will be Don Esker, Ph.D. candidate at Baylor University and recipient of a DPS scholarship for research on the Waco Mammoth Site. For this talk, Don will speak not on the Waco site (we will have him back when he is closer to completion) but on the "Bonebed Cartography at the Hot Springs Mammoth Site." Don worked as bone bed curator and assistant curator for 4 1/2 years at the Hot Springs Mammoth Site in South Dakota before he became curator at Waco. The Hot Springs hit preserved 58 Columbian and 3 wooly mammoths, as well as many other species, in an ice age sink hole. Like the Waco Mammoth Site, it displays many of the specimens in situ, and offers guided tours, educational classes, and volunteer dig opportunities. Please join us on Wednesday, June 10th at 7:30 pm to hear Don tell us about this spectacular fossil site.

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    More about the Society can be found in The Fossil Record.

    Some of our outings, finds and wares.

    Purpose of the Society

    The Dallas Paleontological Society was founded in 1984 for the purpose of promoting interest in and knowledge of the science of paleontology. It was intended by the founding members that the Society would be a network for the exchange of data between professionals and serious amateurs in this field.

    Everyone is welcome to join the Society. No special skills or knowledge are required for membership.


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