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PURPOSE: The Dallas Paleontological Society was founded in 1984 for the purpose of promoting interest in and knowledge of the science of paleontology. It was intended by the founding members that the Society would be a network for the exchange of data between professionals and serious amateurs in this field. The Society is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. The Dallas Paleontological Society is a 501(c)(3)  {Pending}non-profit organization.

CONSTITUTION: On January 12, 1985 the Constitution of the Dallas Paleontological Society adopted. The Constitution has been amended several times since then. Read the the current version of the Constitution. The Society also established Bylaws as a set of common laws by which the Society shall function. In 2002, the Society established a Code of Ethics and Conduct which all members affirm to as a requirement of membership.

ACCOMPLISHMENT: The DPS continues to accomplish its purpose in various ways.  The Society has published seven volumes of Occasional Papers, has had two symposiums (one of which gathered much valuable material for Volume 4), is involved with education and outreach and with the Charles Finsley Lecture Series brought many prominent paleontologists to speak to the general public. Additionally, the Society established an educational fund that is used for scholarships.

Find out about the History of the Society.

PARTICIPATION: The rules are simple you must be at lest 16 years old and have paid dues or are a family member who meets the criteria.  The society has a Code of Ethics, which everyone agrees to when they join. (It is part of the Membership Application so you have no excuse for saying you didn�t see it.) Having a Code of Ethics is key to being a participating member. If you really love the hobby of fossil collecting or the profession of paleontology, following the Code in every activity that you participate in is essential to the survival of your passion.  Participation is more than just paying dues, reading the newsletter and attending a few meetings or field trip. Specific or great knowledge is not as important as being able to organize and lead one or two field trips or write about your experiences of a field trip or meeting. Giving a talk or leading a field trip is only a few hours of your time but will mean a great deal to all of those who came for the event.  Participation also includes bringing some goodies to a meeting or a cold watermelon to a field trip. Every Active Member is eligible to be an Executive Officer or Committee Chair Person. Being an officer or chairperson does does take a bit of your time. With the time spent, you gain personal satisfaction in helping shape the Society and there is at least one perk!  Officers and Committee Chairs get the news first and have first opportunity to signup for field trips and other events.  If you put in the extra work, you should get something for it.

REWARDS: Rewards come in many forms such as the satisfaction of communicating with others who have a similar interest. Finding a well preserved (fill in the blank). Or, finding something new to science and possibly getting it named after you. Several members have had this honor.

AWARDS: and SCHOLARSHIPS: The society has several awards for people who best represent the purpose of the society.

  •      President�s Award is given to a member who is not an officer, committee chairperson, or advisor and is recognized for their overall contribution to the society in the past year.  The Presidents award is usually presented in December.
  •         Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to members who are at least 55 years of age, not a professional paleontologist and have made a significant contribution to the science of paleontology. Any DPS member can make nominations and the Executive Committee makes the decision.  Awarded when suitable candidates are identified.
  •       Honorary Membership has no specific criteria. It is presented when suitable candidates are identified.  Any DPS member can nominate a candidate and the candidate does not have to be a current member.  Selection is made by a simple majority vote of members at a monthly general meeting.
  •        Frank Crane Memorial Scholarship is presented to one or two students (not necessarily members) attending a local university. The scholarship is in memory of Frank Crane a dedicated amateur paleontologist who donated a �Smithsonian class collection� to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. Scholarships are awarded to students working on advanced degrees.  One person from each university is nominated by their advisor and the Executive Committee makes the final selection. The scholarship is based on available funds, usually $1,000. The Executive Committee has the prerogative to split the award.
  • T-Shirt Design award. A free t-shirt is awarded to the person who�s graphic was chosen to be on the next set of DPS shirts. The award is presented on an irregular basis.
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