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The Dallas Paleontological Society was founded in 1984 for the purpose of promoting interest in and knowledge of the science of paleontology.  It was intended by the founding members that the Society would be a network for the exchange of data between professionals and serious amateurs in this field.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, Sept 9th Ice Cream Social

Our next Regular Meeting will be held on September 9, at 7:30 PM at Brookhaven College, Bldg H., Rm #126, Farmers Branch, TX  75244 

Come join us at our September Meeting on the 9th for an evening of fun and ice cream. Sprinkles and Whipped Cream will be available.  The Society will furnish the ice cream, and there will be a drawing for DOOR Prizes.  

Do you have a fossil/trace fossil that exhibits signs of activity that took place millions of years ago?  It can be anything, an interesting burrow, a slab showing signs of the gentle surf that once ebbed and flowed at Jacksboro, a bone that once pacified a ravenous beast or a helpless brachiopod whose innards were sucked out by a hungry gastropod.  Bring it along for an evening of show and tell.  This will be a family friendly meeting.  New members will also get the chance to meet DPS’ elected officers. Contact Polly Mullinnex if you have any questions.  pollym@airmail.net

Our October meeting has been moved to Monday, October 12, 2015, due to the number of events during that week.  Please help spread the word.

Parking Lot Issues Resolved

Sunday August 30, 2015. 

 Brookhaven Parking Lot update.  You are able to drive on concrete all the way to the EMGI Ellison Miles Building "H".  The parking spots are painted.  Almost all of the regular parking is back in place!!  There is effectively no construction going on at Brookhaven that directly affects our meeting space.

Lake Texoma Field Trip Sept 12th

This trip depends on the lakes water level.    This area is a marine Cretaceous site once cover by a shallow sea.  Finds will include, ammonites, nautiloids, echinoids, brachiopods and sharks teeth.  Co-hosts will be Ed and Kathy Swiatovy.  We will meet at 8 o’clock at the McDonalds in Denison.  Please be sure to check the DPS Hotline 817 355-4693 for any last minute changes.  Fieldtrip leader, Polly Mullinnex pollym@airmail.net   903 916-0083

Oliver Creek Field Trip Well Attended

We had over 80 people attend our Oliver Creek Field Trip this past weekend.  All had a great time finding ammonites and echinoids.  Click here for a full report and photos submitted by Roger Farish. For those of you who didn’t get a copy of the handout for this field trip, click here to download a copy.



Other News of the Society

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Events

We have several upcoming events in October that need volunteers to help with.  No particular skill is necessary.  Contact Promotions Chair Bob Williams to sign up for one of these events.  We will be discussing the many events in October at our regular meeting in August (see above).  If you can help or assist in these events it would be greatly appreciated.

Members Check Out the New On-Line Directory

If you are a current member of the Dallas Paleo Society, be sure to check out your listing in the new online directory and make any changes to your profile that are necessary.  Please be sure to review your privacy settings, your contact information, and change your password.   You can even load a picture for our directory.  Watch for further announcements about new features coming to our website. Current members can click here to go to the directory. Non members must register to see the directory.

About Us and Our Monthly Meetings

The Dallas Paleontological Society normally meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at Brookhaven College, unless we have something special happening that month. Please check our Calendar for exact dates.  Come meet with us, hear a speaker, learn about paleontology, and bring your unidentified fossils and unique finds to share with the group.  You will be welcome, and we will enjoy meeting you. Beware of big words!  For a map of our meeting location Click Here.


Perot This Summer - Paleontologists at Work

Perot Museum in the Field - See our paleontologist at work in real time and learn how to become a Museum dinosaur hunter.

Fossils In The News

Fossils In The News is a new page on our website that highlights and links to various articles that are currently in the news.  Check it out by clicking the link under the "Home" navigation at the top of this page.

Join us now

Come and join us for a great time at our next meeting, and click below to become a member.  Individual and Family memberships are available, and kids can participate in the PIT Crew (Paleontogists In Training).


Oct Filled with Events

Be sure and check out the Upcoming Events Calendar for all the events planned for October.  October is the month for National Fossil Day, so many paleontology venues are having special events and meetings.  

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists is hosting their 75th Anniversary here in Dallas on October 14 through the 17th.  

The My Fossil Project will be having a meeting here in Dallas on the 12th.  To register Click Here.

The Ladonnia Fossil Park will be celebrating National Fossil Day on Saturday the 17th. Click here to see the agenda.

The STEM Fair will be held at Brookhaven College on the 17th.

On the weekend of October 31st, Fossilmania will be held at the Somervell Co. Expo Center in Glen Rose, TX.

October Paleo News

National Fossil Day is October 14, 2015

Click here for more information

Coming to Dallas, TX on October 11th, 12th and 13th.  Please register for this event by clicking the link above.

The 75th Anniversary of the SVP will be held here in Dallas, TX on October 14th-17th. For more information click here.

Fossilmania Glen Rose

The Dallas Paleontological Society Presents the 33rd Annual Fossilmania in Glen Rose, Texas.

Fossilmania will be held at the Somervell County Expo Center, on Highway 67, in Glen Rose, Texas on October 30 - November 1, 2015.

An annual fossil and fossil-related show, with dealers from all over the country.  FREE educational displays, fossils for kids, and fossil identification (bring your unidentified finds!).  For more information click here.

Questions For DPS?

If You have any questions about the Dallas Paleo Society feel free to:

Contact Us 

Hot Line 


Upcoming events

The PIT Crew

The Paleontologists In Training is a program of the DPS that is open to kids from age 7 to 15.  If you are interested in fossils, want to have fun on field trips, and like learning about our beautiful world, come join us at one of our meetings, or field trips.  You will find it educational, and fun at the same time!

For more information, Click the link above called "Pit Crew" under the Home tab, to see policies, upcoming events, announcements, and how to sign up to take advantage of this new program.

Who we are

The DPS is a group of professional and amateur paleontologists that want to exchange information, interact, and continue their education in paleontology.  We meet once a month on the second Wednesday evening of the month at Brookhaven College, Building H.

What we do

If you have a question, if you have a fossil that you cannot identify, or need a site investigation, contact the Fossil Bureau of Investigation for help.

Contact Us at 817-355-4693 

Why join us

We have fun.

We learn stuff.

We go cool places.

We find interesting things.

We make new friends.

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