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    • Sat, October 31, 2020
    • 9:00 AM (CDT)
    • Jacksboro, Texas
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    Since registration is limited, online registration is required and will be opened on Wednesday, October 21th at noon (12pm) for Saturday’s, October 31th field trip date. This field trip is for DPS members only. This is a very kid friendly trip. Please make sure your membership is current before signing up. Whether you plan to attend the trip or not please do not collect at the Jacksboro site ahead of our field trip date.

    Attendees will need to apply for and print out their own Day Pass online for access to the hiking trail leading to the site. The pass is to be displayed in the windshield of the vehicle when we park at the site. 

    Go to the Texas State Park website to request and print out your Day Pass:

    Detailed instructions: After selecting a day pass for Ft. Richardson, type in the date for 10/31/2020 and select “not flexible” and select 1 for number of days, then click search.

    On the next page click “book now” then select number of vehicles and click “search availability.” On the next page click “book passes” and follow instructions to access your account or open a new one. The fee is $4 per adult (12 years or older). Once you pay with a credit card your pass will appear on screen to be printed out.

    We will meet on the south side of the Jacksboro town square/Jack County Judge Courthouse (100 N Main St, Jacksboro, TX 76458) at 9:00am. Contact information: Bob Williams brwill@ntin.net, 940-736-5598.

    If you discover that you cannot attend, please log back into the website and remove your name from the roster so that people on the waiting list can attend. No shows will be banned from attending future DPS field trips for the next 6 months.

    Copy these numbers into your phone and call 940-736-5598 or 843-813-7120 if you see you’re going to be late or are not coming. We will be going to the collecting site on time unless we know your status.    

    As always, check the DPS Hotline 817-355-4693 for any last minute changes.

    For additional questions please email fieldtrips@dallaspaleo.org

    Please read the Difficulty and Danger scale (in the below) and State Health Services Protocols form (click on the hyperlink to access the form). Click here to download the DPS hold harmless waiver. Please send your signed hold harmless waiver to fieldtrips@dallaspaleo.org (preferred method) or bring a signed copy on the day of the field trip.

    Jacksboro is classified as a 2 to 3B (difficulty can vary in parts) on the Difficulty and Danger scale, which is classified as follows:

    2:  Basic difficulty. Longer than very short walking distance to fossil site.  Walk to site and while at site may include brush and walking on relatively stable water features.  Walk to site may not be through a verified walking path; it may be "off the trail".

    3:  Challenging difficulty.  Walk to site and at site may include rough terrain, long distance, steep inclines which are physically challenging to hike up and also challenging to hike down, flowing water (crossings), and difficult brush such as thorns to maneuver through.

    B:  Medium dangerous.  Inclusive of "A" Hazards (listed in the below).  Possibility of slippery surfaces enabling potentials falls causing broken bones and dangerous cuts.  Dangers may be due to examples such as steep and uncertain terrain, flowing water, and also hazardous brush to move through which likely contains sharp and long thorns and also poisonous plants such as poison ivy.  Potential of slightly remote site with delayed access to emergency medical care.

    A:  Least dangerous. Basic hazards inherent to the natural environment such as weather, irregular footing while walking, poisonous plants, and possibility of wildlife such insects, mammals, and (venomous) snakes.  In case of injury, emergency medical care may not be readily accessible.  In addition to your fossil hunting gear, make sure to bring standard outdoors equipment such as more than enough water, sunscreen, hat, cellphone, whistle, snacks, first aid kit which you know what is inside and you have practiced using, knife, and any medicines (including emergency allergic medicine such as epi-pen) appropriate for yourself.  And ensure to utilize the buddy system to always be in sight of and accessible to your buddy.

    Additional Field Trip Info:

    We will be hunting the Finis Shale member in the lower sections of the Graham Formation, Upper Pennsylvanian. This 300 Mya outcrop represents one of the most richly fossiliferous exposures of marine shelf sediments in the United States. Fossil material that can be found include corals, brachiopods, gastropods, bivalves, conulariids, bryozoans, fusilinids, nautiloids and some shark material.

    You will have to walk three quarters of a mile and climb a firm steel pipe gate. You will need a tool like an old screwdriver to pry embedded fossils from the matrix and a collection bag for your finds (a plastic storage bad will do nicely). Bring plenty of water and snacks as needed.

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If you have a question, if you have a fossil that you cannot identify, or need a site investigation, contact the Fossil Bureau of Investigation for help.

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